IN THE HEART OF MEXICO, where food is prepared with ingredients dating back to the Aztecs and the Spanish Conquistadors, exists the real tradition of Mexican cuisine. Often misrepresented, it is much more diverse than its watered-down cousin, Tex-Mex. Despite the cuisine’s broad variations from region to region, most Mexican restaurants in the U.S. barely skim the surface of the true depth of Mexican food. An ever-expanding Mexican population in the U.S. has sparked a growing pride in Mexican culture. Popularized by acclaimed chef Rick Bayless, contemporary Mexican food has found new recognition across the country, from small mom-and-pop shops to fine-dining urban establishments.

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Meet Chef Roel Mesta

Roel Mesta has been a part of the D’Amico famiglia for over 14 years. First hired as a line cook at Campiello and quickly promoted to line supervisor, he was then invited to be a Sous Chef at Cafe & Bar Lurcat where he dedicated 11 years of his career. In December 2015, he happily accepted the position of Chef at Masa. Watching his mother cook traditional Mexican dishes, he grew up learning the cuisine. Admiration for his grandmother and great grandmother’s drive, love and passion in the kitchen and in life instilled in him the dedication to become a chef. He is always looking for ways to improve as a leader and refine his cooking as a chef; passing along his drive, love and passion to his co-workers. Roel is a father of four, happily married and enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Masa Cocktails

The cocktail program has an array of margarita options with varying flavors from standard style margaritas, more spirit forward margaritas involving mezcal, fruit driven margaritas with fresh fruit purees and Masa originals such as the Margarita de Diabolita with house infused habanero tequila, the Cucumber Margarita with another house infusion of cucumber and mint and the Masa Margarita where Gran Gala, an Italian orange liqueur is introduced. Also a part of the liquor program is arguably the largest collection of tequila and mezcal in the area. The beer list is comprised of an all Mexican draft program offering 5 different options along with various Mexican Craft beers, including the Day of the Dead Brewery, some classic import items and domestic craft and standard brews.

Masa Wines

Wine is also a big part of pairing with Mexican cuisine, but in a different way than usually though of in other styles of food. With Mexican cuisine we are not so much focused on what wine to pair with the protein being served (white wine with fish, red wine with beef), but rather what wine will compliment the sauce that accompanies the protein instead. With a number of dishes containing spice, citrus, herbal and rich flavours, the wine to pair with the sauce can sometimes be challenging.

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